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Psyche is the Greek word for “soul” and is the name of the heroine in the well known Greek myth, Psyche and Eros. Greek myths are mostly about gods and goddesses, but this one is an exception. Psyche is human; Eros, the Greek word for “passion”, is her god partner and son of Aphrodite the goddess of Love.  It is the story of the Soul’s longing for reunion with the Divine. Psyche is separated from her husband who is a god, and must devote her life to the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. Psyche is instructed by her to accomplish a series of impossible tasks before she can be reunited with him. Psyche must learn as a human to surrender to SomeThing Bigger and devote herself to Love Itself.

When Dave and I transformed an art studio on our land into a Retreat Center, the name “Psyche’s Haven” came to me. I first heard the story of Psyche and Eros when as a teenager, I read “’Til We have Faces” by C.S. Lewis. This myth has had a profound impact on my own journey to Self since then. Jean Houston defines myth as “a story that never happened but is always happening”. Psyche's story is everyone's story, let her archetype inspire you to follow your Higher Truth. 

It is with great joy that we together have dedicated this space for others who need to remember and honor the Soul’s journey to ItSelf.

Psyche’s Haven is an earth temple, located in the woods, surrounded by watershed streams, and the simple beauty and intelligence of Nature. We are 20-25 minutes north of Grand Rapids Michigan.

It is a place to slow down, to make space to surrender to  Something different that needs to happen.

Consider Psyche’s Haven for day long team building if you run a non profit. The main room is large enough for a total of six and has a working kitchen. Parking is limited to two on the driveway and more on the road.

Consider Psyche’s Haven if you need a place to teach small groups of 6. Or if you would like ceremonial space for your group.

For overnight stays, there is one queen size bed, a bathroom with shower,  and space for two cots in the living area. There is a fully functional kitchen with refrigerator, stove, oven and eating area.

Friends and business colleagues who have used Psyche’s Haven have been impressed by what we’ve learned to call “a quality that cannot be named” (from architect Christopher Alexander). These sorts of spaces invoke a sense of connection and peace.

For and added cost, both Dave and I can be available for coaching and/or massage therapy/somatic therapy that could assist you in self study, or stress reduction.

For more information or to make a reservation, call

Fenna Diephuis 616-334-1129   fenergy7@gmail.com or

Dave Medema  616-581-3230   dave@medemaconsulting.com

Cost per day is $100

Cost for overnight is $100 per night






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